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father’s day grilled chicken | domestic god(ish)

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Okay Ladies, discreetly print this out and place near your honey’s grilling tools.  Or better yet, treat him to some delicious grilled chicken today.  I leave the red meats to my husband, but when it comes to grilled chicken breasts I’m the master of our house.


  1. Cut any excess fat and loose pieces of meat from the breast.
  2. Rinse each breast under cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.
  3. Put the breasts into an extra large zip-lock plastic bag.
  4. Use your fist and pound the chicken, so it evens out to half inch in thickness.
  5. Reopen the zip-lock and squeeze in 1 lemon, lot’s of ground pepper, sea salt and olive oil.  Fresh crushed garlic and a chopped yellow onion are optional for extra flavor.

Grilling Time

  1. Warm your BBQ grill to a nice medium/ medium-high temperature.  Make sure the grill is preheated and nice and hot before you put the chicken on.
  2. Oil the grill with olive oil or cooking spay.  I use a paper towel to rub on the oil.  I realize there is probably a better method but this works for me.
  3. Place the chicken breasts on the grill position each piece shoved up against one another like puzzle pieces.
  4. Okay here is the trick, close the BBQ hood and walk away for 12 minutes.  Yes, WALK AWAY…don’t open that lid under any circumstances for 12 minutes.
  5. When your 12 minutes are up, go back to the grill, flip the chicken, rearrange any pieces that might be cooking faster with the pieces that are cooking slower so you get evenly cooked meat.  Adjust the heat if necessary.
  6. Drip any remaining marinate over the top of the chicken and close the BBQ grill hood again.  Once again, walk away for another 12 minutes.  Please, just listen to me.  I know it makes our boys feel macho to massage the meat as it grills but they serve no purpose (other than drying out the chicken).
  7. Remove a piece of chicken from the grill and slice it down the middle (I always check to make sure there is no pink with chicken).  Place the chicken in some foil for about 5 minutes before serving to give it a chance to suck back in it’s juices.  I like to add a little more sea salt, lemon and pepper before I wrap it back in the foil.

Done, delicious.