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Before racing out the door to start my Saturday adventures I caught the tail-end of a new show on PBS called, The Cooking Odyssey.

The television series showcases the sights, sounds and tastes of Greece with host/Chef Yannis Mameletzis, who previously worked as a pastry chef for Jamie Oliver (“The Naked Chef”).  And, as a side note, Chef Mameletzis is a pretty accomplished academic.  He has a Ph. D. in Molecular epidemiology, a Master’s in Public Health and an undergraduate degree in Biology & Religion.  And he COOKS!

the cooking odyssey cecyj decor

The food he was preparing looked delicious (I’m trying out a recipe this week) but I’m an interior decor girl at heart and it was the kitchen that had me salivating.  After just a few minutes of watching, I was dreaming of having all that counter-space.  This kitchen is entirely green and designer Effie Karambelas did such a great job with placement and flow.  I love where she put the two sinks not to mention the fresh and very cool sink faucets both by Kohler.  Overall, a well organized and beautiful kitchen.the cooking odyssey cecyj kitchen decor

The Cooking Odyssey Team was kind enough to send me some up-close and detailed photos of the kitchen, and floor plan renderings to share with you.  Hope you enjoy!


cooking odyssey cecyj kitchen decor

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