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One of my oldest and dearest friends recently remodeled her dated Northern California ranch-style kitchen & family room into something modern, fresh and completely family friendly.  By knocking down one pesky wall and closing a hall closet to make room for a pantry, she gave way to an ideal kitchen & family room combo.  It so perfectly suits how families live today.

She generously agreed to answer some questions about the remodel process and share some photos of her beautiful finished product.  I think you will agree… she nailed it! 

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So you have finally decided it’s time to remodel.  You mentally commit the money and the time… now what?  Walk me through the planning process?

1.) I met with Home Systems interior architecture planner, Wendi Zampino based out of Lafayette, CA.  She was instrumental in creating the concept of closing a wall and making a new opening for the kitchen to flow into the family room.

2.) I had a couple different meetings with Wendi to approve and go over plans.  Without the plans I feel there would not have been accurate bids or timelines.

3.) Plans complete.  Time to find a cabinet-maker and contractor!  I sent plans to 3 cabinet-makers and 5 contractors.  The cabinet-maker was an easy choice because he was a recommendation from two friends and he had the best price.  Choosing the contractor was also based on a friend’s referral and his bid was lower than the other 4 bids.

4.) Let the shopping begin.  Stone yards, appliance stores, lighting!

5.) Then I ordered everything, and set a date for the contractor to start according to the dates that everything would be arriving. This is what kept the project on time.

remodel cecyj decor kitchensTell me about the material you chose for your counters?  I’m in love!

Honed Caesarstone, very durable.  I selected Caesarstone because it was the closest look to marble without having the maintenance of marble.  My countertops are honed with minor skirt edging.  I just love the look.


What home decoration magazine gave you the most inspiration for your remodel?
House Beautiful Magazine

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Okay, give me the scoop… by what % did you go over your original budget?  What would you tell someone considering a remodel to expect?
We went over by about 10% of the estimated price.  The only thing that went over was the contractor and that is because we added a few things.  The budget was set after I chose the vendor and received the bid.  My advice, DO YOUR RESEARCH and find out the costs of what you like before setting your budget.  Have your contractor line itemize how much everything will cost and lay out exactly what he will be doing.
If I remember correctly, you finished ahead of schedule.  Remodels are notorious for never meeting deadline.  How did you do it?
I managed all the vendors and times that materials would be delivered.
What is your one piece of advice you can offer someone thinking about a remodel?
If you have never done it before, really take your time in the planning.  Shop around, get advice from people that you trust and who have been through the process.
Product Information & Mentions:
All Appliances: Friedman Appliance
Contractor: Harry McHugh/ (925) 216-1428
Home Systems, Interior Architecture: Wendi Zampino
Sink Faucet purchased from: The Plumbery
Cabinets: Classic Mill & Cabinet
Light Fixture over Kitchen Table: Circa Lighting
Family Room Ottoman & Side Chair: William Sonoma Home
Interior Designer who accessorized media cabinets: Monique Jasper Designs/

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