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Phoenix + Scottsdale via BLUESEEDS | decor + travel

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I had the pleasure of visiting interior designer Carla Bonner’s charming yet chic design studio, BLUESEEDS, in Phoenix, Arizona recently.

The studio is home to a mix of beautiful patterned textiles, modern leather seating, statement lighting and eclectic home accessories.  Carla clearly has an eye for what is influential in design but she seems to know she is providing pieces for friends and family to live-in, love and enjoy.

Thank you to Carla and her team (especially the talented, Erica Shy) for sharing BLUESEEDS with us.   Carla was also kind enough to provide some design tips and the inside scoop on the Phoenix + Scottsdale area for your next trip to the Arizona desert. 

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cecyj travel decorCarla’s Design Story

First, what’s in the name Carla?  
1. The name was derived from a childhood outdoor orchestra that I would go to in Massachusetts called Tanglewood. I originally wanted the name to be Tangled Seeds, but seeds don’t get tangled
2. What gave you the guts and inspiration for BLUESEEDS?  
Love and support from my family and friends is truly how this dream came to life.
3. Tell me your story.  How did interior decor & design find you?
Interior design found me when my loving husband gave me the opportunity to pursue whatever I wanted.  I always had a love for design and unique finds so this was a perfect fit.

travel cecyj decor interview

cecyj decor interview travel

Design Advice

4. Where should we head for architectural inspiration in the Phoenix + Scottsdale area?  For architectural inspiration The Biltmore Hotel is great.  It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the history is amazing.  They showcase a lot of great photos from when it was first built as well. Around the hotel, the Biltmore Circle, all of those homes are also great and different and full of inspiration.

5. What defines the Phoenix + Scottsdale home style? What’s hot in home decor with the locals? Printed linen fabrics are very hot in home decor right now.  People are using them on everything and anywhere. It’s a lot of fun to mix patterns and colors and still have a light feel.

6. What do you recommend every well-styled home possess?  Being an identical twin sister, I would have to say a pair of matching chairs!

7.  For the home and design obsessed where do you suggest we go get a sense of all Phoenix + Scottsdale has to offer in exterior home design?  Is there a specific street or neighborhood that the locals covet?  For exterior home design I would go to the Arcadia area and North Central area of Phoenix.

8. I strongly believe home style does not have to be defined or cut-short by a small budget.  Any suggestions for the cheap & haute home?  My number one suggestion is always to keep it simple. Also going antiquing is a great way to find unique accessories that add a lot of texture and depth to your room.  

blueseeds cecyj travel decor interview
Blueseeds | Phoenix + Scottsdale  Area Guide
1. doing lunch Bertha’s Cafe
2. a hostess gift Do Me A Favor
3. a sleepover Hotel Valley Ho
4. a hike 8A Trail on Squaw Peak by 32nd Steet & Lincoln Drive 
5. date night Tarbells
6. a cocktail Sanctuary Hotel
7. spa day Montelucia Resort
8. fresh-cut flowers Camelback Flowers 
9. yoga Sumits Yoga with  Jamie @ McCormick Ranch
10architectural inspiration Arizona Biltmore

If you would like to reach Carla regarding her beautiful services go to BLUESEEDS.


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Many thanks to John from One Speed Go blog for allowing us to use his personal Trail 8A photo.  

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