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Is anyone else a fan of  “Spain… on the road Again” that aired on PBS in 2008?  The show featured Ms. Gwenie Paltrow, aka GOOP girl, and friends taking an epic road trip across the country of Spain, learning about the culture and enjoying the cuisine.

I realize people either love or hate Gwyneth, but I fall into the love category.  Say what you want, but the girl works hard to explore and enjoy all life has to offer, which I respect immensely.

I’m still in awe of her gorgeous female costar, actress Claudia Bassols.  I mean, who is this girl? Seriously, exquisitely beautiful.  I don’t know how she hasn’t taken over Hollywood yet!  And I love Mario Batali.  One of my favorite restaurants in New York is his cozy little spot BABBO, although I must admit I have not been in years.  Mark Bittman, New York Food writer and author rounded out the group, bringing his warm personality and hilariously dry humor.

I heard a rumor that the gang is filming some sort of sequel and I’m so curious what country they would explore next.  Not sure if there is any truth to that but the fact that there are new blog posts on the “Spain…on the road Again” website as recently as July 5, 2011 makes me think something is brewing…

Hope to see them back on the road again soon.  The cast of four had a great dynamic.  Until then, I just purchased a DVD of the series from the “Spain… on the road Again” website for $35.95 to hold me over.


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