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Is it just me or does a friend bringing a camera out for a group dinner or a night on the town make you just a little more anxious than it used to?  The majority of us may not be anything CLOSE to famous but the Facebook “tag photo” function has certainly made an innocent night of minimal makeup and hair up in a ponytail seem like it’s no longer such a good idea…

Who more appropriate to sit down with than the incredibly talented and lovely San Francisco Hair & Makeup Stylist, Veronica Sjoen?  It just so happens that Veronica styled Mr. Mark Zuckerberg for his TIME magazine close-up cover shot (above).  Veronica was kind enough to share her top styling tips for looking good in ALL photos, just in case the Facebook “tagging” paparazzi might be lurking.

cecyj life+style domestic god(ish)

Veronica Sjoen’s Photo Styling Tips
1.  Always use concealer.  The last thing you want is to look is tired.
2.  Don’t be afraid to ask a friend how you look.  They may catch something that you missed in the mirror.
3.  You never want to look greasy or sweaty so be sure to blot.  If you don’t have blotting papers on you, a toilette seat cover from the ladies room doubles as great blot paper.
4.  Don’t overdo it.  You still want to look fresh & natural.
5.  Blush is a must!  Pictures tend to make you look more pale than normal.  If you don’t have blush with you, a dot of lipstick on the cheek lightly rubbed in will do the trick.
6.  Use a light hairspray before going out to tame unwanted “flyaways.”
7.  Try not to eat foods that get stuck in your teeth.
8.  Put the drink down.  Do you really want your boss to find a picture of you with a beer in one hand and a shot glass in the other?  Also, know your limit.  A drunk photo is never flattering.
9.  Ladies be sure to check the cleavage and make sure there are no surprises. 
You can reach Veronica for styling at or find her on Facebook
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