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Since the kids came along, shopping trips have become a little more complicated.  Needless to say, online shopping in bed at 10:00PM has become a dream come true!  My “go to” online spot has been shopbop for as long as I can remember and I still love everything about shopbop…

ruche cecyj domestic god(ish) life+style

But I recently stumbled upon Ruche and I’m feeling more than just a little obsessed.  Mai Olivo co-founded Ruche with Josh Olivo, and she does an amazing job utilizing her degree in Computer Science and Web Development to bring their look books to life with outfit pairing and accessories ideas.  With breathtaking photographs, lovely colors and pretty little models, the look books chronicle dreamy fairy tales of fashion.  In other words, Ruche has done a pretty damn good job putting awkward online white plastic mannequins out of business… Cheers to that!  The best part is that Ruche is NOT expensive.  It’s just an honest, humble, lovely, vintage + modern boutique.

cecyj life+style domestic god(ish)

Ruche was kind enough to let me share these look book photos with you.  Do yourself a favor and grab the visa, curl-up with the laptop, and go shopping with Ruche.