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kinfolk domestic god(ish)

It is so special when you can feel change happening right before your eyes.  I’m loving all the amazing online magazines.  They seem to be popping up faster than new blogs these days, undoubtedly changing our periodical experience forever.

Kinfolk domestic god(ish) cecyj

One of my favorites is Kinfolk, which is a collaborative effort of extremely talented artists, photographers, writers and some seriously creative dreamers… all with the common interest of sharing a table with family and friends.  They believe entertaining is not just for the holidays and that small gatherings are the best place to anchor relationships and recharge.

kinfolk domestic god(ish) cecyj

I grew up in a family that was centered around the dining room table.  Our dreams, tears, secrets and love were all shared over long lingering dinners.  Our friends were welcome and sometimes shared the experience with us, but it was always family.  This is what made finding Kinfolk so thrilling for me.

Check out Kinfolk’s virtual magazine for some stunning, simple entertaining ideas, breathtaking photos and short films filled with recipes and stories to inspire your splendid living.

{photos all sourced from KINFOLK