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Updating your front door?  A coat of paint and one of these door knockers will go a long way, don’t you think?

1, 2 & 3 are all from Rocky Mountain Hardware, which defines the reason my husband will probably never let us build a house.  Their custom products are so extraordinarily beautiful (and expensive) that I could get completely carried away.  There is literally nothing they make that I don’t like.

Tahoe House is by Michael Healy.  “Theme” anything can get a little tricky especially for the front door but Mr. Healy makes tasteful quality products.  You can tell he fills them with a passion for his craft.

4 is by Ashley Norton, a wonderful alternative to Rocky Mountain.  Still not cheap but the price-point is a bit more reasonable and, like Rocky Mountain, high quality custom products.

5 is for all of you with the gated houses on the hill.  Not sure I could pull this off but there is something about this lion knocker I really love.  A google search will give you a million “lion door knockers” but Hamilton Sinkler truly does it with class and style.

Modern Beach House is by Karcher Design.  They don’t mess around; everything they do is modern.  I dream of hammering their sleek knocker to my minimalist, fresh-air filled beach house someday…

6 is by good old Baldwin, a more mainstream and price conscious company with an excellent reputation for quality.  I like the idea of knocker # 6 for a ranch-style home remodel.

Traditional Update by P.E Guerin adds a touch of something extra to a traditional door.  The hexagon shape makes the polished-brass finish look more up to date and quite lovely.

A few tips before buying a new door knocker…

First, installation can be tricky so consult a professional if this is “door knocker – round 1” for you.  Second, make sure your door can accommodate the thickness and weight of some of these knockers.  Check the product details yourself or ask for minimum requirements when you order.  Third, understand how the knocker is going to look from the inside of your home.  Many of these knockers will have bolts which will be visible from the inside of the door which may rub you the wrong way stylistically.


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