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I was raised in one of those “sink or swim” families.  No water wings when we learned how to swim and absolutely no training wheels on our bikes.  For some reason, my dad was really against training wheels.  I wish he was still alive so I could ask him what his hang-up was… but it goes without saying that my own children are now the victims of their grandparents awesome and totally crazy parenting.  Needless to say, my kids have never seen, and will never see, a training wheel screwed to their bikes.

The good news is we found a pretty amazing solution in the Strider bike.  My wonderful friend, Lisa, tipped me off to the Strider bike about a year ago but I didn’t realize just how great they were until we were over for dinner the other night and my boys literally would not stop riding the little wonder bike with no peddles.  Lisa was generous enough to loan it to us and the next thing I know, both of my little guys have found their balance on the bike by simply lifting their feet up.

Now, they are thrilled that their 4th birthday present will be a big boy bike (training wheel free).  Don’t worry I promise to provide a truthful and honest update from either the emergency room or the local ice cream shop (which ever location we make it to first).