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One of the very best things about living in Northern California is the proximity to some of the most amazing places in the world… and the ability to take a wonderful adventure yet still make it home in time to sleep in your own bed.

Santa Cruz, California, is one of my favorites places for an easy and fun day with the kids.  When most people think of Santa Cruz, they immediately picture the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which admittedly is fun.  But if you travel with toddlers like I do, and you want a simple day that’s a little off the beaten path, check out the Seymour Marine Discovery Center.  It is a working marine laboratory perched on an ocean cliff and it’s chock full of sea animals for the little ones to check out.  It’s small, but the simplicity of the facility is what makes it so fantastic for the younger kids.  With lots of activity stations, touch tanks and the largest whale skeleton in the world (seriously it’s huge), it makes for the perfect family stop.  It’d also be great for an outing with your girlfriends + the kids.

Pack a lunch to eat at the Discovery Center… or hit Kelly’s French Bakery just a few miles away.  They’re always great about accommodating kids and they have the most amazing pressed ham and Gruyere grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had.

If you still have energy in the afternoon, swing by the Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton.  Back in the hills above Santa Cruz, your family can watch history come to life by riding steam trains from the 1800s and visiting old saw mill towns that have been meticulously restored and maintained.  Great fun.

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