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We’re getting a doggie this weekend and I’m so thrilled!  His name is Meyer.  For almost a year, he has been raised to be a guide dog by my sister and her amazing family.  Fortunately for us, Meyer didn’t quite make the cut (over 50% of guide dogs do not pass because the requirements and training are so strict).  We feel so honored to be chosen as a suitable family for adoption.

I’ve been “dog nesting” for the last few weeks trying to mentally prepare myself and my family as well as get the house ready for what will be my 3rd boy.  I’m getting seriously outnumbered.

In case you’re in the market for a new dog, I thought I would share some “insider” tips and advice from the guide dog trainer on all the essentials like food, bones & leashes.  I also added my own 2 cents on a decor conscious purchase I made for Meyer and a few cost saving tips (geez, I thought the kids were expensive).

Have a great weekend.


1. I shopped at all the big retailers for stainless steel bowls and had a very hard time finding a water bowl + food bowl & stand for under $75.00.  But I hit Marshalls and found a set for $14.99.  A pretty great savings…

2. My sister recommended a leather leash.  She said the leather is most comfortable for daily walks and managing such a large dog.

3. Meyer… love at first site.

4. Meyer is a Lab, so he loves his bones.  My sister recommended Nylabones for everyday and rawhide bones for special occasions but that we need to keep a close eye on him because he can choke on the rawhide.

5. Okay, a little splurge for Meyer…  Jax & Bones use some adorable textiles for their dog beds so they’re perfect for any family room.

6. Natural Balance dog food was highly recommended but it’s not cheap.  I went ahead and bought it anyway only because Pet Food Express was having a “Buy 2, Get ½ off” deal.  Purina Pro Plan was also recommended and much more affordable.