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WHOLE FOODS WINNER | Packing School Lunches

cecyj whole foods giveaway

Many thanks to all of our readers who submitted kids lunch ideas.  They were fantastic.

Congratulations to Casandra H. who won the $200.00 Whole Foods Market Gift Certificate. Casandra’s idea was…

“tortilla roll-ups are the go-to lunch item in our house… of course, turkey + cream cheese are a staple! but to mix it up, i’ll sometimes throw in a small pack of justins peanut butter, a banana, and a whole wheat tortilla. all my little man has to do is squirt the pb on the whole wheat tortilla, peel + add the banana, roll + enjoy! and as a bonus, he loves that he gets to assemble his own lunch!! to round it out, i’ll usually include an organic milk box + yogurt squeezer!”

We prepared, photographed and wrote-up some of the easiest, most creative, and yummy recipes submitted.  I’ll be honest… I had my doubts about the kids liking the Frittata Lorraine but not only did they love it, one of my boys asked me to pack it in his lunch after we ate it for breakfast.  The chicken salad was also a big hit.  What I loved about preparing some of these recipes is that we ended up with so many mix & match(able) lunches for the week and I feel like I’ve added so many wonderful “go to” lunches to the rotation.  We hope you enjoy as much we did.  Thanks everyone.



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