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Hooked on Houses was the very first blog I followed and it’s still one of my favorites.  I reached out to the founder of Hooked on Houses, Julia, before I started CECY j.  She was very kind and welcoming to the virtual community and full of great advice.

There is just something cozy and unassuming about Hooked on Houses.  Julia seems to effortlessly present her posts about celebrity homes, really cool dream houses and even some quirky & hilarious houses.  The site makes me feel like I’m curled up in her living room and just chatting with her about all these amazing “house lover” finds.

I threw some questions at Julia the other day because this gal not only loves houses, but she is also humble, fun and totally worth getting to know better.


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Julia’s Style in (almost) one word…

1. Style is…


2. Coffee or tea?

Hot choc:)

3.  How many emails do you get a day?


4. Morning person or night owl?

Night owl

5. Blackberry or iPhone?

I’d live without a phone if I could

6. Favorite T.V Show?

The Dick Van Dyke Show

7.  Most popular Hooked on Houses post of all time?

The Beach House from Something’s Gotta Give (

8. Favorite piece of furniture in your house?

Grandma’s piano

9. Favorite room in your house?

My sunroom (

Thank you Julia & happy Friday everyone.


{photo 2 is sourced from à la mode | photo 8 source | photo 3 is sourced from Minted one of my favorites for unique card designs}


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