Mt. Diablo Tarantula Hike | travel

travel cecyj Mt. Diablo Hike

There is nothing better than a warm autumn day and a hike with wonderful friends, which is just what we did on Sunday.  Of course, we had an added bonus because we were trekking with a specific goal in mind…  to find TARANTULA SPIDERS.

As if they know it’s Halloween time, Tarantulas choose late September and October as their mating season which brings them out of their burrows in Mt. Diablo State Park.  Our group of brave friends were lead by knowledgeable and kind guides that taught us about the land as we hiked further up the mountain and closer to the spiders.  We were lucky enough to see quite a few Tarantulas who turned out to be rather docile and non-threatening animals.

If you would like information about planning your own Tarantula adventure, visit Mt. Diablo State Park or Lindsay Wildlife Museum for more information.


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