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Okay, so if you know me personally you’re already aware that over the last 8+ years I’ve evolved into a complete hotel snob.  The luxury brands really do take it to another level and it’s pretty easy to get used to.

However THE KIDS make coughing up a small fortune on a luxury hotel seem ridiculous and totally unnecessary, which is why the hubby and I were very excited to stumble upon an absolute gem in Monterey, California.

The Best Western Beach Resort is literally right on the sand in Monterey.  The bottom floor rooms walk directly out onto the beach and have shared patio areas.  The hotel has a giant hot tub and pool and a nice little bar in the lobby offering amazing views of the sunset and live music on the weekends.  The price of the hotel is fantastic because it’s not right next to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (which most tourists want)… but I think it’s better because you get to experience the beach and just have a 5 minute drive to all the little shops and salt water taffy your heart desires.

The Best Western Beach Resort is a no brainer if you’re headed to Monterey, California with the kids.


P.S.  We ate dinner in downtown Monterey but I think the family staying in the room next to us at the hotel had a better idea… They had pizza delivered to the hotel and enjoyed a bottle of wine they brought from home while relaxing in the Adirondack chairs outside their room.  Well done.

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