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Winter Break | domestic god(ish)


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The kids are out of school for winter break!  What to do, what to do… Play time!

Here are some fun ideas for you and your crew to do that you probably just wouldn’t get around to when school is in session.

1. Sing holiday songs and mix up the words.  {vintage art}
2. Set up a treasure hunt in the house and have it ready for the kiddos when they wake up in the morning.  {photo source
3 & 4. Snuggle under this blanket and watch this movie.
5. Teach the kids your amazing snowball making skills.
6. Drop a couple of mentos candies into a bottle of diet cola and watch it explode.  (this should be illegal it’s so fun but do this outside and with bigger kids only).  {photo source}
7. Build a tent fort and read this book under it.