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san francisco interior designer, decorator cecyjI recently completed a fun design job with my partner, Holly Bender of Holly Bender Interiors.  We were assigned the task of converting a tiny, unused, outdoor deck in a beautiful San Francisco home into a functional outdoor living area for a family.  The challenge, of course, was to squeeze usable furniture into such a tight space (only 8ft x 8ft) and create an oasis that would also be aesthetically pleasing when looking out from the kitchen and main living areas of the home.

As any urban dweller knows, it’s tough to make the most of an outdoor space but such a true pleasure when you can make a small yard, garden or outdoor eating area part of your everyday living.  I don’t care how great a space looks if it isn’t functional!  I hope we pulled that off for our terrific client.

Here is a peek at the before and a few shots of the after.  This outdoor room was such a fun project to complete.

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