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Super Bowl, Man Room

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I’d share a classic “man-inspired” luxury furniture line I recently discovered at Las Vegas Market.

Esquire Home Line is a spinoff from Esquire magazine, which has been a classic gentleman’s read since 1933.  It is a collection of home furnishings and accessories inspired by the lifestyles of the discerning, modern, Esquire man.  But I like the pieces for just about any comfortable, casual, yet sophisticated home.  I’m always very thoughtful of what my husband, or my clients’ husbands, would want to sit on, relax in or watch the game from… and a few of these pieces thrown into a home would definitely help check the man’s wishes off the decor list.

A few of my favorites from the collection below.

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday with your friends and family.



Super Bowl, Man Room

Super Bowl, Man Room

{1. Black Widow leather bench | 2. Gimlet ottoman | 3. Tall Martini bar stool | 4. Greyhound chair | 5. Black Russian desk | 6. Magazine Holder bag }

I used instagram to take the showroom photo.


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