Going to the chapel… | travel

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We all know Vegas is a sure thing when it comes to the unexpected.  After a long day at the Las Vegas Market last week, while staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, sure enough… I spotted the unexpected.

The Pop-Up Wedding Chapel in the Cosmopolitan Hotel offers a serious twist on the classic Vegas quickie wedding.  My favorite part is that they even offer a faux 24-hour wedding, just in case you’re having um, well… commitment issues.

The decor concept felt hip, fresh and just fun.  While I’m not in the market for a chapel, I’m always in the market for design inspiration and the white chivari chairs, faux sheep skin rugs and “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” backdrop sign were all working for me.  A little vintage meets totally modern Vegas.  Well done, my friends at Cosmopolitan, well done.


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