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My kids make me smile.  I laugh out loud every single day at the silly, intelligent, sweet and insane things they come up with.  But as every parent knows, the days go by fast and our memories fail us because of the busy schedules we keep.

One of my husband’s closest friends had children much earlier than we did.  He and his wife are always offering us parenting tips we treasure.  Recently, he sent us a note that really struck a chord with us in terms of saving all of our finest memories of our kids.

He suggested we set up a family email account like, for example,  We did it and are now starting to email pictures, notes, videos, events, important dates, love letters, messages and milestones to the address… saving them as an amazing online record of our best memories.  When our kids get older and have their own email addresses, we can send them notes and blind copy the family account.

The idea, of course, is to hang on to the logon and password – perhaps passing them off to our children when they get married, or maybe when they take off for college, or maybe as an “inheritance” when we’re gone.  It will undoubtedly be a treasure chest of smiles, laughter, love and memories for years to come.


{photos sourced from Three Nails Photography check it out… amazing, AMAZING photography}