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Miele Cecy J decor

When I was setting up shop as a new wife and new mom, I realized I needed some things… things I never really wanted, but all of a sudden I so desperately needed that they became “wants.”  Insert one of my early anniversary presents from my husband… a vacuum cleaner.

I know, romantic… right?

But seriously, my husband and I have laughed about it every anniversary since and, truth be told, it was a pretty great gift.  Here’s the thing, we moms need appliances that work, and the talk on the playground and at “girls night out” dinners was always Miele.  So, the Miele brand has been in high regard in my mind for some time.  That’s why I was so very pleased to learn Miele was one of the BlogTour NYC sponsors and they just so happen to make a whole lot more than just vacuum cleaners.

A few photos of some Miele’s products above and more to come after I tour the showroom and meet the faces behind the brand during my BlogTour adventure and the Architectural Digest Design Show next week.


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