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Did you ever play kitchen when you were little?  Me too.  I used to love it.  Well, last night I curled up in bed with my iPad and “played kitchen” over at Scholtes, a flawless appliance brand and another brilliant sponsor of BlogTour New York.

So here is what I dreamed up for my crazy family.

1.  Two dishwashers.  I could honestly probably use three but I’m trying not to get carried away.  I just love the modern, clean lines on this one which is also panel ready… meaning, it accommodates any type of custom panel you and your designer want to use.

2.  Beverage Center.  We do drink wine but, truth be told, I’m more of a “beer” girl so this beverage center would be pretty perfect for our adult beverage needs.

3.  Two ovens.  I love to entertain and we almost always host the big holiday dinners at my house so the thought of a turkey cooking in one oven… and a ham in the other… is pretty dreamy.

4. Cooling Drawers.  Think about it… how brilliant would these drawers be for a salad making station or school-lunch making station?  I’m not sure it would replace my giant, energy guzzling and space consuming refrigerator, but it certainly makes me rethink about modern, simple living.


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