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House Beautiful (one of the best decor magazines out there, in my opinion) hit newsstands on Monday and the May issue is devoted to “Designer Secrets.”  It is packed with some amazing decorating tips from some of my favorite designers.  House Beautiful was kind enough to send us over a peek at the secrets along with some beautiful photographs.

House Beautiful, Decor, Interior Design Blogs


A few of my favorite tips are so simple, easy and inexpensive:

1. Richard Mishaan:  If you have a painting that looks too small above your sofa, don’t center it.  Offset it a few inches to the left.  The negative space – called ‘ma’ – becomes part of the image.

2. Charlotte Moss:  A rectangular table is ideal at about 36” in width.  This allows for conversation with your neighbors to the right and left and across the table, a real bonus.

3. Jan Showers:  Every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs one antique piece.

4. Mary McDonald:  When you don’t have dimmers, use 15-watt bulbs to simulate candlelight. Works like magic.

5. Elissa Cullman:  Don’t install carpert wall to wall in a narrow hall or narrow staircase.  Instead, install the carpet as a runner and leave at least a 3” border on both sides to make the space seem wider.

6. Myra Hoefer:  Always use white linens and towels.  Never cross the line – always use white.  They’re bleachable and they send a message of cleanliness, refinement and order.


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House Beautiful, Decor, Design Blogs, Glamour

The May issue has many more great designer secrets.  In addition, has video interviews with several designers offering their best pieces of advice.  Miles Redd is one of my favorites – he can transform any space with such thoughtful precision it’s a bit mind-boggling.  I really enjoyed his video tip… you can take a peek here.

Thank you House Beautiful for sharing and keep up the great work.  Your pages and online tips are a constant inspiration.


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