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Let me preface this post by saying I have thrown down an unspeakable about of money for throw pillows.  I prefer couches to be custom and shoes to be Prada.  That being said, I realize sometimes we need to pare down our expectations to fit our budgets.

I firmly believe that style is everywhere and accessible to everyone at every price point so I’m certainly not ashamed to suggest Ikea to my clients for certain kid friendly projects or… use in my own home, for that matter.

I hit Ikea a few weeks ago and here is a list of my loot and a few of my all time favorite Ikea purchases…


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3. L e t t e r ART.

4. I don’t love all the Ikea throws but this white and black stripe “chic” beauty feels and looks wonderful.  I bought 4 as hostess gifts for the future.

5. The mother of all salad bowls.  I have 2… 1 for me and 1 for my sister when we’re in the kitchen together.  Whether tossing a pasta salad for a BBQ or carefully mixing the secret Thanksgiving stuffing recipe this bowl is always our “go to.”

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