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Mo's Smokehouse BBQ Pismo Beach CecyJ travel

Santa Barbara is one of my absolute favorite places and I actually enjoy the drive from the Bay Area.  I know it’s 5 hours long, but I usually power right through it.  This weekend, I had the husband in tow so we decided to stop for lunch in Pismo Beach, a sleepy surfing town about 90 minutes north of Santa Barbara.

Pismo was surprisingly crowded and most of the restaurants seemed to have lines out the door.  We were hoping to get back on the road quickly so we followed our noses to Mo’s Smokehouse, which had a decent crowd but less than some of the others.  It smelled fantastic so we placed our orders and checked out the BBQ memorabilia adorning the walls while we waited.

Wow, was I impressed.  The husband got the shredded chicken sandwich with Mo’s own “filthy” BBQ sauce.  I got Mo’s Chipotle Lime Tacos with marinated shredded chicken and sweet and spicy sauce (I’d do anything for the recipe).  We shared a side order of fried green tomatoes. YUM Mo!