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As promised, today kicks off a look at some of my favorites from the Santa Barbara Design House.  I was thrilled to have an opportunity to meet with Katerina Tana and get a personal tour of the Cabana she beautifully designed for the Design House.

With so many signature details and thoughtful plays on art, history and her many travels, the space felt serene, comfortable, inviting and not “over decorated.”

Katerina is as kind as she is talented and I hope you enjoy a peek into her intriguing and beautiful world.

You are so much more than just an interior designer… you create beautiful textiles, furniture and a tile collection for Jeffery Court that is absolutely breathtaking.  How do you do it all?

Well, I am a very creative animal, and have been since I was very little.  I was quite compulsive about doodling and drawing and designing.  My textbooks from history classes when I was little are a testament to that, as is my dollhouse which I still have sitting in my studio.  I grew up in London, going to the Victoria and Albert Museum on a weekly basis.  It was just what I did all the time, so I have always been inspired by the history of design and all its applications, and the context of it in our world.

My desire to create my own textile collection and tile collection were triggered by the fact that as I shopped for projects I work on, I got tired of always seeing the same thing.  Nothing felt fresh, or current or of our time. Nothing felt like it said “present tense.”  I was especially inspired by where I live in Venice, California, where the light and palette, and rough and smooth, and flora and fauna are constantly taking my breath away.  I did not see anything that captured those elements, so I decided to do it for myself!

Favorite rooms in your own house?


Well, the real answer to that question is the garden!  If that doesn’t count, then the kitchen and bathroom.


Hike or Pilates?  And where…


Both! In the Santa Monica Mountains once or twice a week, as early as possible to beat the heat and the crowds.  Pilates at Mimi’s Bodywork on Abbot Kinney.  She is old school, a ballet dancer and the best in town.  I also bike on the beach and all over Venice.

Secret spot for a perfect dinner?


Axe on Abbot Kinney in Venice.  If I am in town, Dan Tana’s for obvious reasons….


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Do you have a favorite paint brand?  What color did you use?

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My favorite paint brand bar none is Farrow and Ball.  I used a few different colors in the Cabana.  Borrowed Light in the Den and Bedroom, Pale Powder in the Bathroom and Blue Ground in the Changing Room.

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I absolutely love the textiles you used for the headboard, bedding and window treatments.  The patterns are so interesting yet calming.  Tell us how that came together?

The headboard fabric is called ROMA, a handscreen printed design which I produce in Los Angeles, and this colorway Agua was one I printed custom for a client of mine.  I fell in love with it and knew it was a great design and colorway for the bedroom headboard because it is a large repeat and on the large flat surface it could really work its magic.  Same with the bed skirt which just let the pattern play out a little further, like ripples of water.

The CAPISTRANO stripe on the Roman shades, and Euro squares on the bed are also handscreen printed in LA, this design is my “stripe” and has the broken look of a stripe drawn with a stick in the sand.  This colorway is Blake.  Each colorway for this design is named after a poet who celebrated the natural world.  The other two colors are Whitman and Keats.

The sheets I used on the bed were from Schlossberg, a wonderful Swiss bedding company.

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You have some really interesting coffee table books on display.  Do you have a “go to” bookstore in Los Angeles?


TORTOISE on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA &  OBSOLETE on Main street in Venice, CA.