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I’ve been missing my BlogTour NYC cronies lately so I was excited when I stumbled across this photo I took of lunch with Andrew Dunning, Arianna Trapani and Kate Baxter.  It was towards the end of a long and fabulous week.  We enjoyed good food and good wine and laughed that we were all “tweeting” lunch… but after a week of a social media blitz it became a bit automatic.

The food at Green Table was fantastic and well worth the short wait.  I’ve actually emailed them what feels like 100 times asking for the recipe for their veggie lasagna (which was one of the best veggie anything I’ve ever eaten) but I’m starting to think they might not want to share the secret sauce.  So instead, next time you’re in New York and wandering through Chelsea Market, stop at The Green Table for the Butternut Squash, Kale, Mushroom & Pesto Lasagna.  It was delicious although, I admit, it might have just been the splendid company I was keeping.