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Hale Navy | decor

navy paint color cecyj

I love the color navy blue.  It’s naturally masculine but can be paired with pink, yellow or a fabulous textile and suddenly feel feminine.

I use it in my own home a lot and recently decided to paint the walls of my home office with it.  My goal was to use a rich navy wall color to make the space feel and look distinct from the more neutral gray & taupe tones I have elsewhere in our house.  I tested LOTS of Navy colors to try to find the perfect tone and threw them all up on the wall.  A good tip is to test the color in all corners of the room and as close as possible to the baseboards and crown molding so you can see how the lights and colors will interact.

the finalists:

Hale Navy – Benjamin Moore

Hague Blue – Farrow & Ball

Gentleman’s Gray – Benjamin Moore

Anvil – Martha Stewart

The winner was Hale Navy – Benjamin Moore.  It’s pretty dark and I was a little worried it would almost look black when it dried, but it truly looks pure “navy.”  The other finalists all seemed to pull undertones which I wanted to avoid.  I really wanted Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray to be the winner (mostly because I love the name) but it had a bit of turquoise in it.