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I walked into the house after a SoulCycle Spin Class on THANKSGIVING DAY with an ear to ear grin as I told the husband it was the best workout I’d ever had!  Who works out on Thanksgiving morning?  Apparently, I do.

Truth be told, I had no interest in going for a work out, after having a smidge too much fun with family in New York City the night before… but my sister (always the motivator) had me out the door before I could gather my thoughts to protest.

The full body cycling workout combines good branding, great service and a perfect ambiance to make it an A-list workout stop in Manhattan & Los Angeles (and hopefully beyond soon).  Think lit candles during your spin and every room is sanitized, aired out and prepped before the next guests arrive for class.

Oh, and did I mention the seriously buff instructor?  I swear he might have been a dance choreographer for Brittney Spears back in the day with his bad a$$ moves on the bike.

Go!  This was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.  Also, it made the Turkey Dinner guilt free.