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Strawberry Mint Salad | domestic god (ish)


Summer foods are all about keeping it simple.  I’ve been enjoying making this strawberry salad for family and friends and it’s a big hit.  It really could not be easier to prepare.




6 cups fresh sliced organic strawberries

1 bunch of fresh mint

2 tablespoons of confectioners’ (powdered) sugar



Wash and slice fruit.  Place into serving bowl.

Chop fresh mint into thin slices.

Dust salad with sifted Confectioner’s sugar before serving.


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Teepee Room | decor


Twigwam via Cox and Cox


Fleece Teepee via The Cloud Atlas


via House & Home


via The Marion House Book


via My First Little Place


Indian Teepee via Cox & Cox

I’m a bit obsessed with teepees lately.  The idea of incorporating a cozy reading tent into a kids room or a play space reminds me what childhood should be all about.  Here are a few I love and some inspiration for creating your own “teepee room.”

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Kombucha Dog | life + style

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 5.42.08 PM

Kombucha is a naturally carbonated and fermented tea that has gained in popularity over the last 6 years or so as a natural energy drink with probiotics and energizing properties.  It is viewed as a healthy alternative to mainstream soda.

I’ve been a fan for years and got a kick out of the kombucha brand called Kombucha Dog I spotted in Los Angeles.

Kombucha Dog’s blend was delicious and, as a total bonus, its labels feature photos of adorable pups available for adoption.  If one of the pooch models looks like the pet of your dreams, you can visit Kombucha Dog’s website for adoption information.  Love it!