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The Cecy J Interiors – Black Kitchen Door


Thank you for stopping by to learn how we made the Cecy J – Black Kitchen Door come to life.  I was inspired by a large black door I had seen while grabbing dinner in Venice Beach, California.  It felt chic and interesting but not over decorated or too demanding of attention.

When a project came up which included a black + white color scheme, I knew it was my chance to incorporate the image that had been dancing in my head.

I landed on a Rouge Valley Wood door.  They offered the ability to customize the glass and the ogees (the lines and shapes of the moulding on the door).  If you have not noticed before, you should always pay attention to the number of ogees on doors, window frames or moulding.  It makes a big difference on how traditional, detailed or simple a home feels.

The next step was picking the perfect paint color.  I knew it had to be glossy or a really beautiful lacquer and a true “no funny business” black.  This led me to Farrow & Ball Off Black in Full Gloss.  It’s such a glorious true black but it’s still somehow a calm color… and nobody does Glossy quite like Farrow & Ball.

Last (but probably the most important detail) was the jewelry, i.e, HARDWARE!  With a young family of three boys, a kick plate on the inside not only felt like a lovely finishing touch… it also felt extremely practical for a door that would usher busy kids in and out of the backyard daily.

We’ve worked with Rocky Mountain Hardware for years and we seem to weave them into almost every design project… so the decision to use their perfect hardware was an easy one.  My favorite finish by Rocky Mountain Hardware is Silicon Bronze Light.  It’s got a lovely gold undertone but it is also a chameleon and will live happily with just about any other finish you layer into the design scheme.

Kick plate with Bevel in Silicon Bronze Light by Rocky Mountain Hardware 

Door Hardware in Silicon Bronze Light by Rocky Mountain Hardware