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Color Inspiration | Decor

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chic master bedroom

Pretty Girl via The Cools

Paint Samples via House Beautiful ORANGE / BLUE / WHITE

1. kenton nelson gallery / 2. Anjelica Lamp, Bungalow 5 Furniture

3. pure FSC clearmont bed via ABC Carpet & Home/ 4. Navy/ Cobalt Feather Rug, Serena & Lily

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Crane & Canopy | domestic god(ish)

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Have you discovered Crane & Canopy yet?

Crane & Canopy is a boutique style bedding company with a contemporary + elegant feel and one of my new fav chic home goods stores.  The team puts high quality at the top of their priority list with price points that will make you do a double take.  Lucky for us Crane & Canopy launched an online Pop Up Shop featuring beautiful and fun finds, perfect for Mother’s Day treats.

A few of my favorites above.

The best news is readers will get 10% off from Friday, April 19th – Thursday, April 25th.  Just enter Giftcecyj10 for 10% off at checkout.

Thank you Crane & Canopy.  It’s a pleasure to feature you.

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Victorian House Renovation | Decor

Kitchen Remodel, Brick, Victorian House Renovation, Decor

living room remodel, Brick, Victorian House Renovation, Decor

Kitchen Remodel, Brick, Victorian House Renovation, Decor

Kitchen Remodel, Brick, Victorian House Renovation, Decor

Kitchen Remodel, Brick, Victorian House Renovation, Decor

guest room, Benjamin Moore's Tudor Brown

Knox Martin Art

Check out this dreamy Victorian Southampton house, renovated to perfection and brought to us by Elle Decor.

I love the original brick fireplace they kept in the kitchen and the endless line of perfect light fixtures throughout the home.

The guest room walls were painted in Benjamin Moore Tudor Brown which is unexpected but works perfectly with the fresh white bedding, lighting, art and accents.

Thank you Elle Decor for letting us feature this beautiful home.

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Cabin Style | Decor

Chic Log Cabin remodel cecyj chic

living room cecy j cabin chic remodel

Chic Log Cabin Master Bathroom Remodel cecyj

Cecyj Kitchen cabin chic remodel

Chic Cabin Family Room Remodel Cecyj

cecyj dining room cabin chic remodel

cecyj living room cabin chic comfort

Chic Log Cabin Remodel living room cecyj

cecyj bedroom kids cabin chic

CecyJ Outdoor Living cabin chic

Master Bathroom Remodel CecyJ cabin chic

Cecy J bathroom cabin chic

Cecy J Living Room Cabin Lighting Fireplace

Cecy J Chic Log Cabin Master Bedroom Remodel

CecyJ Playroom Pool Cabin Chic

Chic Log Cabin CecyJ Lighting

We got back yesterday from a fantastic family trip to Lake Tahoe.  Skiing, fresh air and loads of design inspiration got me thinking about the Cabin Style home.

There is definitely a fine line between classy and tacky cabin style, but MWA Architects, based out of Truckee, California, seems understand high quality building and design.  MWA calls itself a casual down to earth company… and as any good snow country firm, notes on their website that they “play hooky on powder days.”  From the looks of these amazing homes they have designed, I can’t image they play hooky often.  MWA creates truly spectacular Cabin Style Homes.



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Brown Design Group | decor

I was not familiar with the Brown Design Group before my visit to the Santa Barbara Design House and the Guest Suite they designed.  Now, their work is permanently imbedded in my brain.

Founded by Ryan Brown, the Brown Design Group is a residential and commercial interior design firm with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California.  The Guest Suite they designed at the Design House was superb.  They used neutral colors with bold pops of pattern and extraordinary art to make the space feel hip but completely approachable.  Team Brown let me dig a little deeper and ask a few questions about their work in the Santa Barbara Design House and about the firm.  I hope you enjoy…

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The Brown Group is…

Obsessed with:  LIGHTING.  ”Life should be on a dimmer…”  We love to find vintage fixtures and give them a new breath of life.  Lighting fixtures should tell a story and feel like they have been in the space forever and everything else came after.

Inspired by:  LIFE.  Every project presents a new challenge and we always say that the architecture of the home, paired with the people who live there, determine our design approach.

Traveling to:  THAILAND.  After many trips to Europe and South America for pleasure and buying, we are headed to Asia for the first time to see what we can find (and bring home) from there.

Headed to:  MERCADO DE LAS PULGAS for fantastic design accessories.  It’s in Buenos Aires but has some incredible architectural salvage pieces and unique European and post-war items that are impossible to find elsewhere.  Good luck getting it back though…


Grabbing dinner at…

LAUREL HARDWARE in Los Angeles (yes, the old hardware store on Santa Monica Blvd).

PEASANT in New York for incredible dinner.  PASTIS for a little loud, Parisian lunch.

SPQR in San Francisco for great wine and dinner or at CONTIGO for tapas

Using this textile:  Many of the Faux Leathers from Innovations make their way into our designs due to the incredible quality matched with durability.

We also use a lot of Perennials outdoor fabrics for draperies and Schumacher for gorgeous prints.

Using this paint color:  Our default white is Dunn Edwards Bone China DEW 339.  It is the perfect white, without being white.  It has a warmth to it.  We used Farrow & Ball in the design house which is fantastic for organic colors and classics.  Personal favorite is Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Grey SW7019.

Santa Barbara Design House

Q + A 

Art Decor Cecy J

Cecy J Lighting Decor

Q:  Tell me the inspiration for the guest suite and bathroom?

A:  The guest suite occupies a substantial, private area of the 2nd floor of the house. The perfect place for a weekend guest to feel like they are on a “get-away” rather than in someone else’s home.  We wanted the room to feel collected and warm.  There is so much to explore in the room between amazing artwork and colorful travel and design books that you have a sense of escapism.  We wanted to create spaces throughout that allow you to feel like it is more than a bedroom: a writing desk, a hanging chair for reading or a lounge chair on the balcony for sipping your morning coffee.

Lighting Decor Cecy J art

Q:  The pattern of the rug brings adds depth and interest but does not control the room.  Where can we get one?

A:  The rug is bold but it gives scale to a large room.  Most of the other patterns in the room are very geometric when you get up close.  This one is more organic.  The black of the rug really echoed many of the other elements in room that otherwise may have disappeared.  Black became the accent color which is always a powerful move.  It didn’t hurt that it is a design by the acclaimed Diane von Furstenberg exclusively for The Rug Company which creates and carries some of the most unique and incredible contemporary rugs around.


Accessories Decor Cecy J

Decor Cecy J

Brown Decor CecyJQ:  The colors are so neutral but impactful, I get the sense this is consistent with your design philosophy?

A:  Our general palette is almost always neutral.  We mix warms (tans, taupes, creams, and chocolates) with cool neutrals (whites, greys, black)  which alone give a room depth.  This makes a bright pillow or a colorful piece of art really shine.  It also provides a timeless look which can easily be updated or changed with a few key pieces.

Brown Decor CecyJ bathroom

Bathroom Decor Brown Cecy J

Brown Art Bathroom Cecy J Lighting

Bedroom Decor Art Lighting Cecy J

CecyJ Art Decor

Q:  I love the swing in the corner of the room.  What was the inspiration?  Where can I buy one for my little boy’s room?

A:  It was originally intended for the exterior balcony but it filled an otherwise difficult corner inside the room perfectly!  It is available in a variety of finishes and materials (the one shown is a Chilewich fabric graded for outdoor use!) for $680 through Fusion Home in Ventura.


Cecy J Art

Q:  Art is everywhere in the guest suite and you included some truly fantastic and fresh pieces.  What artist do you consistently use for projects?

A:  The art in this installation should be the envy of every art aficionado.  Supplied by Paul Rusconi Studios, LA based art dealer and artist, the collection included over 45 pieces of framed artwork of incredible Robert Rauschenberg photographs, Andy Warhol, Robert Mangold, and Caio Fonseca pieces.  All of the pieces in the collection are extremely important in the gallery art world.  The series of Rusconi originals that line the gallery hall stopped every passerby to read and marvel at the witty, and sometimes provocative, wording sprawling across the walls.  All artwork available through Paul Rusconi Studios 310-658-8410.

If people don’t have a big budget for artwork, we are also fans of taking your favorite old family photos and enlarging them and framing them simply in a collection with an oversized matting.

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Katerina Tana Designs | decor

katerina tana design cecyj

As promised, today kicks off a look at some of my favorites from the Santa Barbara Design House.  I was thrilled to have an opportunity to meet with Katerina Tana and get a personal tour of the Cabana she beautifully designed for the Design House.

With so many signature details and thoughtful plays on art, history and her many travels, the space felt serene, comfortable, inviting and not “over decorated.”

Katerina is as kind as she is talented and I hope you enjoy a peek into her intriguing and beautiful world.

You are so much more than just an interior designer… you create beautiful textiles, furniture and a tile collection for Jeffery Court that is absolutely breathtaking.  How do you do it all?

Well, I am a very creative animal, and have been since I was very little.  I was quite compulsive about doodling and drawing and designing.  My textbooks from history classes when I was little are a testament to that, as is my dollhouse which I still have sitting in my studio.  I grew up in London, going to the Victoria and Albert Museum on a weekly basis.  It was just what I did all the time, so I have always been inspired by the history of design and all its applications, and the context of it in our world.

My desire to create my own textile collection and tile collection were triggered by the fact that as I shopped for projects I work on, I got tired of always seeing the same thing.  Nothing felt fresh, or current or of our time. Nothing felt like it said “present tense.”  I was especially inspired by where I live in Venice, California, where the light and palette, and rough and smooth, and flora and fauna are constantly taking my breath away.  I did not see anything that captured those elements, so I decided to do it for myself!

Favorite rooms in your own house?


Well, the real answer to that question is the garden!  If that doesn’t count, then the kitchen and bathroom.


Hike or Pilates?  And where…


Both! In the Santa Monica Mountains once or twice a week, as early as possible to beat the heat and the crowds.  Pilates at Mimi’s Bodywork on Abbot Kinney.  She is old school, a ballet dancer and the best in town.  I also bike on the beach and all over Venice.

Secret spot for a perfect dinner?


Axe on Abbot Kinney in Venice.  If I am in town, Dan Tana’s for obvious reasons….


outdoor living plants cecyj decor

Cabana Santa Barbara Design House cecyj decor

Katerina Tana Designs living space art

Do you have a favorite paint brand?  What color did you use?

cecyj paint color

My favorite paint brand bar none is Farrow and Ball.  I used a few different colors in the Cabana.  Borrowed Light in the Den and Bedroom, Pale Powder in the Bathroom and Blue Ground in the Changing Room.

Katerina Tana Designs, Santa Barbara Design House, Cabana lighting

I absolutely love the textiles you used for the headboard, bedding and window treatments.  The patterns are so interesting yet calming.  Tell us how that came together?

The headboard fabric is called ROMA, a handscreen printed design which I produce in Los Angeles, and this colorway Agua was one I printed custom for a client of mine.  I fell in love with it and knew it was a great design and colorway for the bedroom headboard because it is a large repeat and on the large flat surface it could really work its magic.  Same with the bed skirt which just let the pattern play out a little further, like ripples of water.

The CAPISTRANO stripe on the Roman shades, and Euro squares on the bed are also handscreen printed in LA, this design is my “stripe” and has the broken look of a stripe drawn with a stick in the sand.  This colorway is Blake.  Each colorway for this design is named after a poet who celebrated the natural world.  The other two colors are Whitman and Keats.

The sheets I used on the bed were from Schlossberg, a wonderful Swiss bedding company.

Cabana, Katerina Tana Designs, Santa Barbara Design House

mirror accessories cecyj

accessories decor cecyj art

You have some really interesting coffee table books on display.  Do you have a “go to” bookstore in Los Angeles?


TORTOISE on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA &  OBSOLETE on Main street in Venice, CA.


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House Beautiful COLOR issue | decor

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decor cecyj

decor accessories cecyj

House Beautiful is one of my absolute favorite design magazines and I’m always honored + excited to find a note in my inbox from their team.

In the latest issue, they explore their readers favorite colors for various rooms in the home.  Blue was America’s #1 pick but it was the brilliant pop of YELLOW that caught my attention.  Featured interior designer Kay Douglas used yellow accents to create a serene but inviting master bedroom

The September issue of House Beautiful is at newsstands now.  Enjoy!

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A Cavalier Story | decor

cavalier goods, jay jeffers design group

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

If someone were to ask me my first impression of Jay Jeffers, I would say… classy, humble, kind and fantastically talented.

I’m not the only one who sings Jay’s praises.  Elle Decor named him a top 25 “A list” designer they love.  Jay’s work has been published in everything from House Beautiful and California Home & Design to InStyle Magazine.  Not afraid of color but aware of how to layer textures to create comfortable but ultimately classic spaces, I find his work to be a complete inspiration.

I met Jay when I popped into Cavalier shortly after its 2012 spring debut.  Cavalier is the breathtaking home décor store brought to life by the Jay Jeffers Group and creative director Michael Purdy.  It combines their expertise into a curated interior design destination for everything unique and coveted for the modern and fresh home.

A few snaps from my first peek at Cavalier…

Jay Jeffers design, cavalier goods

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods


jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

Jay was kind enough to answer a few of my pressing questions.  I hope you enjoy his inspiring answers and insight as much as I did.

jay jeffers design group, cavalier goods

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6  
-Secret to success?
Be nice to everyone.
-Product from Cavalier that you’re obsessed with?
Cashmere pillows from Italy.  They are insane.
-Advice to interior designers starting their career?
Get to know other designers.  They will share in your success and you can cry on their shoulders.
-Paint color you’re currently loving?
 Sea Salt by Benjamin Moore Color Stories.  It’s like a little black dress.  It goes with anything.
-Wall paper you’re currently loving?
Phillip Jeffries linen.  Sumptuous and simple.
If we’re on a tight budget for a living room makeover… 1 item to splurge on?
A really great piece of art.  It will even dress up Ikea.  But please don’t furnish your living room from Ikea. 
-The perfect Bay Area weekend getaway spot?
My house in St. Helena – though right now it is under renovation until September.
-Cocktail The Jay Jeffers Group is sipping this summer?
The negroni is my cocktail of the year.  I love the bitter edge to it.  But be warned – they sneak up on you.
-“Go to” playlist or Pandora Station on constant rotation at Cavalier?
Donna Summer pandora station is ridonculous!  Today we’re playing old school Madonna – Bedtime Stories and Ray of Light.  So damn good.
-Heading to Baker and Banker for a celebration dinner in SF?
-Heading to The Rotunda for a power lunch in SF? 

Many thanks to Jay, Michael, Alisa, Jenna and all the members of flawless Jeffers Group Design Team.  A privilege to make your acquaintance.

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Viceroy Anguilla Resort | travel + decor

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler
Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

Viceroy Anguilla Resort Kelly Wearstler

It should come as no surprise that I spend more time checking out hotel decor photos than photos of the actual hotel amenities.  I’ve visited the Viceroy Palm Springs and the Viceroy Santa Monica and love them both.  It appears legendary designer Kelly Wearstler has also added her personal style and touch to the Viceroy Anguilla.

The Viceroy Anguilla Resort and Private Residences look like a completely unique and chic experience.  The decor is Kelly Wearstler fabulous and relaxation looks like the only thing on the agenda…


{Photos sourced from The Viceroy Anguilla Resort}