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SIX1FIVE | Giveaway

SIX1FIVE3As promised last Friday we’re chatting with the founders/designers of SIX1FIVE and giving away one of my favorite pieces from their collection – an edgy, cozy classic sweatshirt perfect for just about any casual, yet chic, occasion.

I was intrigued with the Cissy Jones and Emily Cook business model and their ability to spring-up a brand that has so quickly caught a cult following.  Cissy and Emily dwell in Dallas, Texas.  I hope you enjoy my chat with the girls.


Oh and let’s not forget that fantastic sweatshirt!  Just email, tweet to us or write on our facebook page “sweatshirt” and be automatically entered to win this “must have” Fall find.

1 winner will be announced on next Monday, November 25th, 2013.


How did you dream up Shop SIX1FIVE?



Advice for women starting their own company?



Where is the clothing made?  How and where do you source the materials from?



Design Muse?



City you visit for inspiration?



Fashion blog we should be following?



Where can we buy the SIX1FIVE line?



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coat rack

A friend of mine, who also happens to have a terrific Public Relations firm in San Francisco was filling me in on one of her new clients.  I immediately asked if I could interview the founder, Diana Vincent for a blog post about her recently launched High Camp Home.  What started as a brick and mortar boutique and premier design firm in historical downtown Truckee, California, in the Tahoe area has stretched its wings into a fabulous e-commerce site.  High Camp Home makes sprucing-up the ski cabin an incredibly easy task!

High Camp Home is cholk-full of all the chic rustic lifestyle essentials including furniture, lighting, accessories rugs and seasonal decor.  My favorite detail over at High Camp Home is the local artists work available for purchase, making it easy to find the finishing touches for decorating with a relaxed, yet polished vibe.

With the leaves starting to fall and the wind blowing outside just about every item over at High Camp Home is on my “must have” list for fall and winter

A few of my  absolute favorites…

cabin decor, tahoe decor

We are so thrilled for the month of October Cecy J readers can get 15% off on all items, just enter the code RUSTICALLY at check out.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Diana Vincent and a peek at one of her Tahoe area interior design projects that is a true inspiration for comfortable beautiful living.  Not to mention… her fantastic travel tips for your next visit to the Lake Tahoe area.

Happy fall + winter shopping and a huge thanks to High Camp Home


breakfast room cabin


1.) What is your signature style? 

My signature style is sophisticated rustic design.  No bears or moose allowed!  I love combining texture with natural materials to create space that is warm and inviting but rustic and rugged enough to withstand the active lifestyles of my clientele and the harsh climates that surrounds most of the homes we work with.


2.) The perfect carpet brand/ line for a Tahoe cabin to withstand snow & ski boots? 

In reality, the perfect carpet is really WOOD as it is durable and wears well.


chic rustic sliding barn door


3.) Go to paint color/ brand?  

For a white paint that is warm and works well in most settings, Pratt and Lambert Milk White.


4.) Favorite, product you have in stock right now?

As it is fall, I love pulling out the blankets and throws and currently our store is filled with some wonderful throws that are not too heavy but have fabulous texture and rope like tassels.  The Europa throw in camel is my favorite, although our Halloween Ghosts are seen walking down the street with customers visiting our store everyday, this time of year!

5.) The perfect stocking stuffer for Mom?

Pairing the Chalet Stripe Scarf with the Decorated Hoop Earrings is a great combination.  Throw on a pair of Uggs, cozy sweater and jeans with this scarf and earrings and you are good to go anywhere in Tahoe!

stocking stuffer scarf

6.)  You are based in the in Tahoe area.  Give us the scoop… 

Where should we….


True Old Tahoe Ski Ambience – Cottonwood

Great Menu – Stella


I like the simple European feel of the Cedar House, but if you want a resort feel the Ritz Carlton being right on the mountain is a great way to spend a weekend.


Lone Eagle Bar in Incline Village


For families – Northstar; for great skiing Squaw/Alpine always wins


I love going off old fire roads and hidden spots but for easy to find snowshoeing the meadow up at Mount Rose is really pretty

relax fireside?

The Ritz Carlton Bar


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Find me over at Confessions of Design Geek today!

San Francisco Style and Design Guide, San Francisco Tourist

Talented London based journalist Katie Treggiden runs an award winning design blog called Confessions of a Design Geek.  We met during Blog Tour NYC last spring and became fast friends.  I am flattered that Katie has invited me “explore” the San Francisco Bay Area with her readers and share some of my absolute favorite design, food and resting spots.

You can read all about my picks over at Confessions of a Design Geek today

Thank you Katie for asking me to do this.  What a pleasure!

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cabo + kids | travel

cabo san lucas photographer wedding

Over the past 10 years, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has become a special place for the hubby and I.  We vacationed there, we were married there and we continue to go for special celebrations and sun drenched relaxation.

That’s what made it ever better when I met professional photographer, Amy Bennett, as she was shooting away at a beautiful wedding we attended in Baja last spring.  She inspired me when I learned she had taken a leap of faith and packed up her family and left the Vermont snow… to call Cabo home.  I had a million questions for the happy, friendly and talented mother of three and she was kind enough to answer.

If you have a family trip planned to Cabo in the future, or just want some insider tips for your next romantic getaway, her insight is a must read below.  I hope you enjoy.




How did a girl from Vermont end up living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with three small children?

Back in 2009, I had just given birth to my third daughter, Kate.  One day my husband sent me an email saying, “I just received a job offer… would you ever consider moving to Cabo?”  Within seconds I responded “!#@$?…YES!”  It took another 6 months to solidify the job.  David says that I would have moved whether he got the job or not!  I was ready for a change from the cold and cloudy (but beautiful) state of Vermont.  In February 2010, we had a two day yard sale and sold or gave away everything that we owned.  David and his brother drove two cars, our dog Gaby, and the rest of our belongings from Vermont to Cabo.  It took 8 days!  It is a 24 hour drive from San Diego to Cabo!  It was a great decision…We haven’t regretted it for a second.

What led you to a career in photography?

A career in photography was always a dream of mine.  From a very young age, I was one of those people who always had a camera on them. My mom bought me my first Canon SLR camera when I was 14. I always loved taking pictures of people.  One of my friends recently said she never brought a camera anywhere, because she knew that I would have a camera and take much better pictures.  Anyway, I eventually went to business school and after graduation worked in marketing and events for the PGA Tour and Mercedes-Benz USA.  At that time, photography was still a passion of mine and I was thrilled when Canon came out with an affordable digital SLR.  I started studying photography and taking classes when I left the working world to stay at home with the kids.  When we moved to Cabo, I decided to invest in professional equipment and launch the business.  I couldn’t think of a better location to have a wedding photography business!

Three tricks for taking a great photograph of someone?

1.  Use backlighting.  Look for the shadow of the person and stand directly on the tip of the shadow.  That way the persons face will be completely turned away from the sun.  Also, the person won’t squint due to the harsh sun.

2.  Fill the Frame and use a zoom lens.  My favorite lens to use for taking portraits, couples or even group shots is the Canon 70-200 mm f/2.8 zoom lens.  By using this lens instead of a “short lens” I can stand farther away from the subject(s), but still fill the frame.  I feel like people relax a bit more when the camera is farther away.

3.  Have fun, make jokes and laugh!  The more comfortable the person is with the photographer, the better the photos are going to turn out!


cabo weddings  amy bennett photography

Any “go to” scenic locations in Cabo for all of us photography buffs.

There is an endless number of beautiful locations to shoot in Cabo.  The beaches are amazing, but you should try to shoot on the beach at sunset and sunrise.  I like to stick to the beaches with the least amount of people for my photo shoots.  The beach between the Hilton Los Cabos Beach Resort and Dreams Resort on the Sea of Cortez is perfect.  The beaches North of Cabo are always empty and there are the most beautiful dunes, especially around Diamante.  I love shooting around town in Cabo, too.  I would recommend shooting around the traditional Mexican Haceinda-style homes and resorts.

Lots of buzz about all the 5 star hotels on the scene down in Baja now.  Do you have a favorite?

The most dramatic and most “buzzed” about hotel right now is definitely Capella Pedregal.  It is located on the Pacific coast and is very close to the marina & downtown Cabo.  It sits up against the mountains of Pedregal and you have to pass through a 300-meter private tunnel to get to the Resort!  It seems to be gaining popularity with the celebrity crowd!

cabo wedding, 300-meter private tunnel, Capella Pedregal

What do you miss the most about living in the United States?

Target, camera stores and on-line deliveries.

Do you surf?  Where should we head in Baja for good waves?

I do not surf, but I am hoping that my girls learn one day… Cerritos Beach is located about 30 minutes North of Cabo and is the best place to learn.  If you are a solid surfer, there is a good spot at Cabo Surf Hotel in San Jose del Cabo.

vacation cabo kids cecy j

Where should we stay with the kids?

I would recommend staying at one of the Resorts on the Sea of Cortez if you want a swimmable beach.  It is not safe to swim in the Pacific Ocean in Cabo.  A good option in the mid-range budget would be the Hilton.  If money wasn’t a concern, I would stay at Las Ventanas or Capella Pedregal.  Both resorts are very kid friendly.

Best snorkel spot?

Chileno Bay

Where should we go for a family dinner?

Our family loves Hacienda Cocina.  It is located on Medano beach near the marina.  The restaurant overlooks the Bay and Land’s End (the arches).  They have yummy, traditional Mexican food at a VERY reasonable price for Cabo.  You must try the Carnitas, the churros and the cuatro leche cake.  Amazing!

What do you do for family fun on the weekends?

We like to go to the beach.  Our favorite beaches are Santa Maria, Chileano, or Cerritos.  What kid doesn’t love the beach!?!  We have started to take mini-trips around the Cabo area.  We went to Bahia de los Suenos a few months back and we are planning to go to La Paz soon.

travel cabo kids, families


Learn more about Amy Bennett Photography here.

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Lauren Adams is a fabulous artist from Fairmont, West Virginia with whom I had the great pleasure of working during a recent design job in San Francisco.  I instantly fell in love with her abstract work and the way she combines texture and colors in such a beautiful and understated way.  When my client stated she wanted her dining room to be “clean and modern” but, of course, simultaneously warm and inviting… I just knew featuring Lauren’s work was the answer (dining room below).


To be honest, I can’t remember how I originally came across Lauren’s work.  But when I reached out to her, she was incredibly approachable and excited to work with me on the project.  Lauren even raced to the gallery that was having an exhibition of her work to pick-up and ship the piece in time for my installation!

Apparently, I’m not the only one catching on to Lauren’s talent.  In fact, she was featured in West Elm‘s 2012 Summer catalog and she has been featured in many exhibitions including her own solo exhibition at The Slingluff Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, The Redbrick Gallery in Martinsburg, WV and Annex Gallery in Charleston, WV.


I can’t wait to watch Lauren’s career unfold and I am excited to profile her as my latest Artist Highlight.  Here are 5 things that Lauren loves the most…

cecy j artist highlight


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a girl to know | life + style

Una Malan CecyJ

I had a serendipitous meeting with Una Malan while we were standing together in the Montecito, California sunshine next to some old avocado trees.  We both happened to be waiting for the trolley to return us from our press tour of the Santa Barbara Design House.  The trolley seemed to take forever (which worked out perfectly because I had the pleasure of meeting Una!)

Una is strikingly beautiful, stylish and living a splendid life.  She recently launched a beautiful new clothing brand that I can’t wait to get my hands on.  I hope you enjoy learning more about this “girl to know.”


Okay, you were born and raised in England but you seem completely at home in California.  Tell me your story.  What brought you to the States?

It’s such a cliché, but it really was the sunshine!  I adore London and it’s such an inspirational city (especially for fashion), but I love the outdoors – horse riding, hiking with my dog, playing tennis – and the lifestyle just suits me so well here.


You have a background in Interior Design.  How did fashion design find you?


I have always been passionate (obsessed really) with beautiful fabrics and would often create a whole interior around something that I was dying to use.  I love to play with billowing pieces of sinuous silk to see how it falls and flows, so it seemed perfectly natural for me to want to be dressed in them too.


How would you describe your personal style?


I love simplicity and elegance mixed with interesting accessories that bring in the character of your current mood.  I am also intensely focused on being comfortable – I can’t bear to feel constricted (I think that applies generally to my view of life) – so all of my designs offer the balance of sophisticated comfort.


A smidge obsessed with your Vireo Silk Dress.  Tell me the inspiration for the design.


Thank you! All of my designs come from a starting point of versatility, so you truly can take them anywhere in the world.  Often I start by draping fabric and then starting to sketch.  Some go directly from my mind onto paper, and some morph during the process into several variations until I feel I have the right balance.  But my inspiration comes from everywhere – nature, jewelry, music, dance… I’m a Scorpio, so I feel everything passionately and I think that translates into wanting to design pieces that make women look and feel beautiful, but most importantly, she won’t be restricted from living and embracing her life.


1 essential item to pack for a sun vacation?


Lancaster Sun Deepener.  There is no other product on the market like it – it smells heavenly and lasts forever.

Where should we stay in London?


When I’m visiting, I love staying at Claridge’s.  It’s in the heart of Mayfair, so everything is easily accessible – world class shopping, restaurants, theatre, galleries, walks in Hyde Park.  The old world charm, history and great service really appeal to me.


San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito

Weekend Getaway?


My absolute favorite weekend getaway is the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito.  I’m madly in love with the cottages and the fresh, local food prepared perfectly in the restaurants.


UNA MALAN London is offering readers 20% off everything. 

Just enter CEC2012 at checkout.

Source: Good Day, Sunshine.

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Brown Design Group | decor

I was not familiar with the Brown Design Group before my visit to the Santa Barbara Design House and the Guest Suite they designed.  Now, their work is permanently imbedded in my brain.

Founded by Ryan Brown, the Brown Design Group is a residential and commercial interior design firm with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California.  The Guest Suite they designed at the Design House was superb.  They used neutral colors with bold pops of pattern and extraordinary art to make the space feel hip but completely approachable.  Team Brown let me dig a little deeper and ask a few questions about their work in the Santa Barbara Design House and about the firm.  I hope you enjoy…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

The Brown Group is…

Obsessed with:  LIGHTING.  ”Life should be on a dimmer…”  We love to find vintage fixtures and give them a new breath of life.  Lighting fixtures should tell a story and feel like they have been in the space forever and everything else came after.

Inspired by:  LIFE.  Every project presents a new challenge and we always say that the architecture of the home, paired with the people who live there, determine our design approach.

Traveling to:  THAILAND.  After many trips to Europe and South America for pleasure and buying, we are headed to Asia for the first time to see what we can find (and bring home) from there.

Headed to:  MERCADO DE LAS PULGAS for fantastic design accessories.  It’s in Buenos Aires but has some incredible architectural salvage pieces and unique European and post-war items that are impossible to find elsewhere.  Good luck getting it back though…


Grabbing dinner at…

LAUREL HARDWARE in Los Angeles (yes, the old hardware store on Santa Monica Blvd).

PEASANT in New York for incredible dinner.  PASTIS for a little loud, Parisian lunch.

SPQR in San Francisco for great wine and dinner or at CONTIGO for tapas

Using this textile:  Many of the Faux Leathers from Innovations make their way into our designs due to the incredible quality matched with durability.

We also use a lot of Perennials outdoor fabrics for draperies and Schumacher for gorgeous prints.

Using this paint color:  Our default white is Dunn Edwards Bone China DEW 339.  It is the perfect white, without being white.  It has a warmth to it.  We used Farrow & Ball in the design house which is fantastic for organic colors and classics.  Personal favorite is Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Grey SW7019.

Santa Barbara Design House

Q + A 

Art Decor Cecy J

Cecy J Lighting Decor

Q:  Tell me the inspiration for the guest suite and bathroom?

A:  The guest suite occupies a substantial, private area of the 2nd floor of the house. The perfect place for a weekend guest to feel like they are on a “get-away” rather than in someone else’s home.  We wanted the room to feel collected and warm.  There is so much to explore in the room between amazing artwork and colorful travel and design books that you have a sense of escapism.  We wanted to create spaces throughout that allow you to feel like it is more than a bedroom: a writing desk, a hanging chair for reading or a lounge chair on the balcony for sipping your morning coffee.

Lighting Decor Cecy J art

Q:  The pattern of the rug brings adds depth and interest but does not control the room.  Where can we get one?

A:  The rug is bold but it gives scale to a large room.  Most of the other patterns in the room are very geometric when you get up close.  This one is more organic.  The black of the rug really echoed many of the other elements in room that otherwise may have disappeared.  Black became the accent color which is always a powerful move.  It didn’t hurt that it is a design by the acclaimed Diane von Furstenberg exclusively for The Rug Company which creates and carries some of the most unique and incredible contemporary rugs around.


Accessories Decor Cecy J

Decor Cecy J

Brown Decor CecyJQ:  The colors are so neutral but impactful, I get the sense this is consistent with your design philosophy?

A:  Our general palette is almost always neutral.  We mix warms (tans, taupes, creams, and chocolates) with cool neutrals (whites, greys, black)  which alone give a room depth.  This makes a bright pillow or a colorful piece of art really shine.  It also provides a timeless look which can easily be updated or changed with a few key pieces.

Brown Decor CecyJ bathroom

Bathroom Decor Brown Cecy J

Brown Art Bathroom Cecy J Lighting

Bedroom Decor Art Lighting Cecy J

CecyJ Art Decor

Q:  I love the swing in the corner of the room.  What was the inspiration?  Where can I buy one for my little boy’s room?

A:  It was originally intended for the exterior balcony but it filled an otherwise difficult corner inside the room perfectly!  It is available in a variety of finishes and materials (the one shown is a Chilewich fabric graded for outdoor use!) for $680 through Fusion Home in Ventura.


Cecy J Art

Q:  Art is everywhere in the guest suite and you included some truly fantastic and fresh pieces.  What artist do you consistently use for projects?

A:  The art in this installation should be the envy of every art aficionado.  Supplied by Paul Rusconi Studios, LA based art dealer and artist, the collection included over 45 pieces of framed artwork of incredible Robert Rauschenberg photographs, Andy Warhol, Robert Mangold, and Caio Fonseca pieces.  All of the pieces in the collection are extremely important in the gallery art world.  The series of Rusconi originals that line the gallery hall stopped every passerby to read and marvel at the witty, and sometimes provocative, wording sprawling across the walls.  All artwork available through Paul Rusconi Studios 310-658-8410.

If people don’t have a big budget for artwork, we are also fans of taking your favorite old family photos and enlarging them and framing them simply in a collection with an oversized matting.

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Katerina Tana Designs | decor

katerina tana design cecyj

As promised, today kicks off a look at some of my favorites from the Santa Barbara Design House.  I was thrilled to have an opportunity to meet with Katerina Tana and get a personal tour of the Cabana she beautifully designed for the Design House.

With so many signature details and thoughtful plays on art, history and her many travels, the space felt serene, comfortable, inviting and not “over decorated.”

Katerina is as kind as she is talented and I hope you enjoy a peek into her intriguing and beautiful world.

You are so much more than just an interior designer… you create beautiful textiles, furniture and a tile collection for Jeffery Court that is absolutely breathtaking.  How do you do it all?

Well, I am a very creative animal, and have been since I was very little.  I was quite compulsive about doodling and drawing and designing.  My textbooks from history classes when I was little are a testament to that, as is my dollhouse which I still have sitting in my studio.  I grew up in London, going to the Victoria and Albert Museum on a weekly basis.  It was just what I did all the time, so I have always been inspired by the history of design and all its applications, and the context of it in our world.

My desire to create my own textile collection and tile collection were triggered by the fact that as I shopped for projects I work on, I got tired of always seeing the same thing.  Nothing felt fresh, or current or of our time. Nothing felt like it said “present tense.”  I was especially inspired by where I live in Venice, California, where the light and palette, and rough and smooth, and flora and fauna are constantly taking my breath away.  I did not see anything that captured those elements, so I decided to do it for myself!

Favorite rooms in your own house?


Well, the real answer to that question is the garden!  If that doesn’t count, then the kitchen and bathroom.


Hike or Pilates?  And where…


Both! In the Santa Monica Mountains once or twice a week, as early as possible to beat the heat and the crowds.  Pilates at Mimi’s Bodywork on Abbot Kinney.  She is old school, a ballet dancer and the best in town.  I also bike on the beach and all over Venice.

Secret spot for a perfect dinner?


Axe on Abbot Kinney in Venice.  If I am in town, Dan Tana’s for obvious reasons….


outdoor living plants cecyj decor

Cabana Santa Barbara Design House cecyj decor

Katerina Tana Designs living space art

Do you have a favorite paint brand?  What color did you use?

cecyj paint color

My favorite paint brand bar none is Farrow and Ball.  I used a few different colors in the Cabana.  Borrowed Light in the Den and Bedroom, Pale Powder in the Bathroom and Blue Ground in the Changing Room.

Katerina Tana Designs, Santa Barbara Design House, Cabana lighting

I absolutely love the textiles you used for the headboard, bedding and window treatments.  The patterns are so interesting yet calming.  Tell us how that came together?

The headboard fabric is called ROMA, a handscreen printed design which I produce in Los Angeles, and this colorway Agua was one I printed custom for a client of mine.  I fell in love with it and knew it was a great design and colorway for the bedroom headboard because it is a large repeat and on the large flat surface it could really work its magic.  Same with the bed skirt which just let the pattern play out a little further, like ripples of water.

The CAPISTRANO stripe on the Roman shades, and Euro squares on the bed are also handscreen printed in LA, this design is my “stripe” and has the broken look of a stripe drawn with a stick in the sand.  This colorway is Blake.  Each colorway for this design is named after a poet who celebrated the natural world.  The other two colors are Whitman and Keats.

The sheets I used on the bed were from Schlossberg, a wonderful Swiss bedding company.

Cabana, Katerina Tana Designs, Santa Barbara Design House

mirror accessories cecyj

accessories decor cecyj art

You have some really interesting coffee table books on display.  Do you have a “go to” bookstore in Los Angeles?


TORTOISE on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA &  OBSOLETE on Main street in Venice, CA.


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Hammocks & High Tea | GIVEAWAY


Hammocks & High Tea,  GIVEAWAY



We’re giving away this Hammocks & High Tea – LATTICE REVERSIBLE CLUTCH.

To enter to win, here’s what you need to do:

simply write “clutch” on our cecy j Facebook page here.

Entries will be accepted starting Thursday, August 16, 2012 until Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 11:59pm PT.  One randomly selected winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 22nd.

 Hammocks & high tea CecyJ


Simple.  Sunny.  Timeless.  Beautiful.

That is how I’d describe textile designer, founder and creative director Karen Young of Hammocks & High Tea.  I don’t exactly remember how I came across Hammocks & High Tea but I continue to be impressed and intrigued by her.  Karen graciously offered to answer some of my questions and I’m excited for you all to meet her.

Thank you Karen for sharing your beautiful story… such a treat to feature you.


You grew up in South America?  When did you come to the United States and how did textile design become part of your story?


Yes, I was raised by my grandmother in South America and came to New York when I was 7 years old.  The most outstanding difference to me, even as a child, was the difference between South America and New York in the way people lived and the colors… or rather lack thereof… in New York.  I actually have a B.S. in Psychology and upon graduation took a sharp left into a career in the fashion industry.  There I found my love for color, pattern, and detail again.  I knew I wanted to design but, although I loved clothing, I’ve always been obsessed with the concept of home & living.  I started small, designing a collection of stationery that eventually branched, almost organically, into a textile collection.


Can you walk me through the process of textile design?  How does a design concept become a very chic clutch?


For my prints the beginning is generally a texture, a memory that I find evocative (most often nostalgia), or very often a pattern that I find repeated throughout multi cultures.  I’ve always been fascinated by the way our food and art primarily, reflect the multiple dimensions of world culture.  When I decided to launch a small line of clutches it was based on feedback from my customers who loved having the dose of pattern and color outside of their homes.  Although it ended up as something chic, the clutch was actually a utilitarian concept.  How could I give them something sturdy yet pretty? It took a few months of work and a lot of strange looks from my leathersmith… the bags have to be finished completely seamlessly in order to function reversibly… but finally I had a clutch that could suffer wear & tear and still be downright pretty.


I love the name of your studio.  How did you come up with Hammocks & High Tea?


Thank you!  I’ll never forget coming up with the name.  A few years ago, I was sitting in my apartment thinking that I needed a name that would say in a nutshell what my patterns encompassed.  Suddenly I jumped up and shouted “Hammocks & High Tea!!!”  In South America, as with many colonized countries, the architecture is often reflective of French, British, Dutch, etc influences.  The tropical influence was never far behind though because those same structures were painted the wildest blues, pinks, yellows, and greens you’ve ever seen.  Cows are roaming the streets, parrots are hanging out on windowsills, and mango trees are a staple in every front yard.  Although I grew up with a thorough Caribbean/South American persuasion, “high tea” and “suppers” were what we knew as well.

Hammocks & High Tea, GIVEAWAY

Tell me what you are working on right now?  How did you find inspiration for this textile?


I’ve just launched the Fall 2012 collection to the trade and retail.  It will be available online 9/15 but currently I’m preparing for the Fall home & gift shows.  The Balustrade print (above & below) is one of my favorites.  I wanted to incorporate a stripe into the collection and having always been moved by architecture, I remembered the stairs in my grandmother’s house.  Because we lived below sea level, the houses were built either on stilts or with a concrete first level with living quarters upstairs.  Our staircase had such beautiful details, but it was primarily used for my cousins and I to eavesdrop on the conversations of the adults from our playhouse on the first floor.  We’d peep through the banisters almost to the point of getting stuck in them.  So when I thought of a stripe, that memory came back and Balustrade became a print.


3 things you can’t live without


 Chocolate /  Good books/ Belly laughs



Most hilarious or inspiring person you follow in twitter?


My friend Chandra of @greerchicago.  She happens to be poised, has great taste, and a dry wit that keeps me in stitches!



You reside in Brooklyn.  Tell us where we should…


-Grab Tea?

Tea Lounge. It’s one part tea and three parts entertainment.

-Meet for drinks?

Oh this is tough. Weather Up is a speakeasy in Brooklyn.  You can barely find it even when you’re standing right outside, but inside you’ll find great drinks and cool vintage inspired atmosphere.

-Meet for dinner?

This is tougher…  one of my favorites is The Farm on Adderley, it’s my version of comfort food.  I’m also excited to try Applewood, another farm to table concept that in Brooklyn is doing so well of late.

-Get inspired?

Propsect Park is Brooklyn’s own Central Park.  When I need to clear my head or be inspired, I head over here.  The park opens up to these gems inside like the boathouse, the lake, and multiple trails.

Hammocks & High Tea,  GIVEAWAY