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Getting really excited to install this elegant office for a friend + client.  The office is located right off of her entry so we wanted it to feel special but understated and (as always) functional.  We decided to warm it up with some unexpected herringbone cloth wallpaper inset in the shelves which will add a subtle masculine twist to this office for “her.”

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Ginnifer Goodwin’s L.A. Home | decor

Ginnifer Goodwin’s Los Angeles Home

Ginnifer Goodwin’s Los Angeles home Fireplace

Ginnifer Goodwin’s Breakfast Room

Ginnifer Goodwin’s Photo Wall

Ginnifer Goodwin’s Office

Ginnifer Goodwin’s Los Angeles Stairwell

It was fun to get an email from ELLE magazine yesterday with shots of Ginnifer Goodwin’s Los Angeles home, which is featured in their February issue.

Ginnifer’s home seems to have the same fairy-tale romantic vibe as the television series in which she stars, Once Upon A Time.

Head over to Elle to read the full interview and see additional photos of this dreamy house.

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beautiful in black | decor

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While enjoying the Lonny Magazine’s holiday issue last night, I was completely taken with the featured oceanside residence in the suburbs outside Copenhagen, Denmark.

Renovated by architect Mikael Mammen, the home is simple and modern with a beautiful focus on shades of black.

Check out Lonny’s holiday gift guide and more great decor tips, lonny.com.

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{COZAMIA} art + a really cool office | decor

Cozamia, art, chic office, home decor, hide ugly printer, thrift finds cecyj

Cozamia, art, chic office, home decor, hide ugly printer, thrift finds

I adore… no scratch that… I’m totally in love with Nancy Ramirez’s colorful work + style.  Nancy is a fellow blogger from Toronto and she runs a blooming company called {COZAMIA} which focuses on art, interior design and graphic design.  She is incredibly talented, creative & accomplished.  Nancy was kind enough to chat with me about her work and give me the 411 on her really cool office + some great office decor solutions.  You can visit Nancy over at {COZAMIA}.


1.   You started in freelance as a web designer.  How did a career in web design find you?   I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with digital software and at some point tried my hand at building a website for myself.  I picked it up fairly easily and started taking it more seriously, learning more about web standards and good design.  Eventually through friends and word of mouth I started getting clients and worked freelance for a few years.

2.   You’re a self-proclaimed creative dabbler who enjoys painting, web design, print making, photography and Interior design.  Whew, how the heck do you find inspiration for so many creative outlets?  The great thing about inspiration is that it’s all around you and can be applied in so many different ways.  Whether I’m out in nature or on a busy street downtown, I try to pay attention to the details, colors and patterns.  The peonies in the print below are actually from our front garden.  Of course I had to photograph them and then I started playing around in Photoshop to see what I could come up with.
Cozamia, art, chic office, home decor, hide ugly printer, thrift finds
3.  Tell us about your artwork.  You create the most stunning Giclée archival prints.  What is Giclée archival, what is the process to create this art? Why thank you!  Most of the prints start with acrylic paintings on various surfaces which I then photograph and re-work digitally to create something new.  I also have original paintings on canvas that I’d like to make available at some point but I love the endless possibilities that I can explore digitally.  It’s like taking a painting and giving it a totally new life.  Digital prints also allow me to offer art that’s more affordable to everyone, so this is a big bonus.
Giclée is basically a fancy name for a high quality reproduction of an original piece of art, usually on either paper or canvas. The quality of the inks and the specific process creates the most accurate reproductions.  They are also more fade resistant than standard methods of printing.

Cozamia, art, chic office, home decor, hide ugly printer, thrift finds

Cozamia, art, chic office, home decor, hide ugly printer, thrift finds

4.  I’m obsessed with your office.  Can you tell us where you purchased your desk, Bulletin Board and throw pillows?  I’m glad you like it!  I’m actually changing it a bit as we speak:)  The desk is from Ikea, the bulletin board I made with fabric which I wrapped and stapled onto a cork board and the throw pillows are Homesense and Ikea.  My office didn’t start from scratch with items I really liked.  I basically just tried to make use of the odds and ends that didn’t work anywhere else in the house but it still came together kinda nicely… it’s cozy and bright.
5.   Also, I’ve been on the hunt for a sleek and chic place to hide my gigantic (ugly) printer…any creative suggestions?  I know what you mean, I hid mine inside a closet.  I would maybe look for a second-hand cabinet with some shelving inside, a hole can be cut in the back for the wiring to go through and… Voila!  I found this little guy (below) at a thrift store.  After a good sanding and a few coats of paint it was good as new…
Cozamia, art, chic office, home decor, hide ugly printer, thrift finds
Cozamia, art, chic office, home decor, hide ugly printer, thrift finds
6.   Where do you shop for frames?  Any framing advice?  Should we always seek professional help with framing or is it a pretty easy job once you practice?  I definitely think you can find affordable ways to frame art and do it yourself.  Custom framing, specially for larger prints, can get expensive although a beautiful custom frame can totally take a print to a another level and completely make a room.  I usually seek out frames at places like Ikea.  They may be lower quality but once it’s up on the wall, they still look great.  With pre-made frames, I would buy one that’s a couple of inches bigger than the print in both width and height and then have a custom mat cut at any local frames or art shop.  Sometimes I’ll use a mat that’s included with a frame even if it overlaps my print a little too much… if the art still looks good than it works for me!  A couple of good online sources for framing larger prints are Frames By Mail and Custom Frame Solutions.
Thrift stores can also be a great a place to score some unique frames. I recently snatched up this frame below.  It’s 48 x 36 inches.  I even used the mat that it came with!  Perfect for one of my newest prints and at $40, it was a steal.  If I see a cheap, second hand frame I like, I buy it even if I don’t have the art yet.  I know eventually I will have the perfect print for it.
cozamia art office ikea bulletin board

Share my love of easy elegance and finds from around the globe that are simply fabulous?  Ready to make your place a space that you adore?  I’d love to help make your house a home.  cecy j is currently accepting new interior projects.  Let’s chat info@cecyj.com