Cecy J INTERIORS is a San Francisco based boutique studio specializing in residential interior design, helmed by principal designer, Cecily Mendell.

Working directly with her clients, architects and contractors, Cecily provides a thorough design plan from the earliest phase of the brainstorming process to the placement of the final detail. The results are beautiful, yet approachable, homes that have a natural flow and serve as places to entertain family and friends, play and simply relax.

Cecily’s philosophy is that a home should reflect the owner’s personal style and story through livable elegance and thoughtful design. Combining her own aesthetic, California traditional with a modern, barefoot edge, and her client’s lifestyle, Cecy J INTERIORS are marked by comfortable luxury and a focus on how the space will actually be used for years to come.

Her free time is spent outdoors – in the ocean, mountains, lakes and snow – where she derives much of the inspiration for her interiors.

Cecily and her team have worked on a broad spectrum of designs and locations from classic homes to modern apartments. Her quintessentially Californian style, combined with an understanding and respect for locale, has earned her a client base that spans the state, from San Francisco to Montecito, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Cecily launched her life and style blog, cecyj.com, in June 2011, to explore the art of splendid living. A journal of what she is most passionate about – interior design, travel, parenting, food, inspiring quotes – cecyj.com is a place where Cecily celebrates the beauty in the everyday.