Isometric 3D Room Design in Casual Style


Isometric 3D room design is a powerful technique that combines the charm of 2D art with the depth of 3D environments. This approach provides a unique perspective, making rooms appear more dynamic and visually appealing.

Our goal is to create spaces that not only look great but also enhance the gameplay experience by offering detailed and interactive environments.

Full HD cover for a room design project featuring isometric 3D room designs in a casual style.

Key Elements of Our
Isometric Room Designs

  • Comfortable Furniture: We focus on creating cozy and inviting spaces by incorporating stylish sofas, chairs, and other essential furnishings.
  • Decorative Items: Attention to detail is key. Our designs include various decorative elements such as coffee tables with items, bookshelves with decorations, and potted plants.
Behind the Scenes: Isometric Room Designs
  • Vibrant Colors: Using a rich palette, we ensure that each room feels lively and engaging, contributing to an overall pleasant gaming experience.
  • Organized Layouts: Our rooms are designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, with a well-thought-out arrangement of furniture and decor.

Examples of Our Work

Isometric Kitchen room design

1.) Isometric Kitchen Design

In this kitchen design, we utilized modern appliances, cabinets, and a dining table set to create a functional and inviting space.

The vibrant colors and detailed elements such as the bar counter and various kitchen utensils add a lively touch.


2.) Cozy Living Room

This living room showcases a casual and comfortable style with a stylish sofa, coffee table, and bookshelves filled with various decorations.

The use of warm colors and playful decor elements creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Wireframe Designs for Isometric rooms

Wireframe versions of our designs provide a glimpse into the meticulous planning and structure that go into creating each room.

These sketches help visualize the layout and ensure every element is perfectly placed before adding color and detail.

Concept Art of isometric kitchen room
wireframe version of an isometric room in a casual style, coloured
Framed version of a casual isometric room with bookshelves

Above are some examples of our concept art for isometric rooms.

Concept art is an essential part of our design process. It helps in visualizing the final look of the room and ensures that all elements are cohesive and well-integrated. 

Creating Isometric Bedrooms
with Blender

Blender is a versatile tool that allows us to create detailed and dynamic isometric rooms.

For this bedroom design, we focused on creating a cozy and modern space, incorporating elements such as a stylish bed, nightstands, and decorative items.

a realistic isometric bedroom design in blender

At Cecyj room design studio, we take pride in our ability to create stunning isometric 3D room designs that enhance the gaming experience. Whether it’s a cozy living room, a modern kitchen, or a detailed bedroom, our designs are crafted with care and attention to detail. We hope this portfolio provides insight into our design process and inspires you to explore the world of isometric room design.

We look forward to bringing your room environments to life with our unique and engaging designs.